Wasaga Beach residents fighting to stop proposed residential development

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A residents’ group opposed to a proposed development in Wasaga Beach are urging town council to “listen to the Nottawasaga Valley Conservation Authority’s position” and reject the plan.

Beachwood Developments plans to build 33 single-detached homes, 48 townhouses and 134 units in two six-storey buildings in an area between Shore Lane and Beachwood Road. However, the NVCA says the land is coastal wetland and should be protected.

Save Beachwood is a residents’ group created to oppose the development.

save beachwood

“If the town approves this plan, it would set a precedent for more developer-driven, high-density housing along Beachwood Road, potentially adding thousands of people to an area with virtually no commercial or service infrastructure, and doing so against the recommendations of the Town’s current Official Plan to not increase density west of 71th Street,” the group says.

“It would even set a precedent for high-density potentially anywhere along Shore Lane, and mark the beginning of the destruction of this unique waterfront neighbourhood of cottages and single-family homes – and another piece of historic heritage in Wasaga Beach.”

Gerard Dusastre has collected over 1,700 signatures on his online petition urging the mayor and council to reject the change to the Official Plan and By-Law from Low Density Residential 1 to High Density Residential 3 and Residential 4.

“Please note that this land has already been illegally altered by clearing trees and by filling with soil, and the owner received a fine for non-compliance by NVCA,” Dusastre said in the petition. “We, therefore, request that no further alteration is conducted without first obtaining required approval and permits from the NVCA, Town of Wasaga Beach and Simcoe County required permits.”

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Residents “are very concerned by the potential negative impacts of any type of High Density R3 and R4 Development in this area, which is not in keeping with the context or the criteria set out in the Official Plan nor the vision for the future of Wasaga Beach West End.”

The current zoning By-Law of Residential Type One with Hold should remain in place, Dusastre says.

“Highway 26 was built as a detour, because Beachwood Road infrastructure was not able to accommodate high traffic, and this is remains valid to this day. Beachwood Road is a provincial Road managed by MTO, and not under the municipal authority. Any alteration of Beachwood Road to accommodate entrance to this new development must be approved by MTO.”

A public meeting on a request to rezone the property and redesignate it under the town’s official plan to permit high-density residential development will be held virtually Aug. 19 at 9:30 a.m.


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