Agincourt Community Recreation Centre reconstructed after fire

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Ontario Construction News staff writer

Toronto’s Agincourt Community Recreation Centre (CRC) reopened on the weekend after extensive work to repair damage from a fire at the facility in January 2019.

Officials toured the new site and announced details of the extensive reconstruction work. The roof and other areas of the community recreation centre were extensively damaged.

“The quick work of staff following the 2019 fire enabled the city to immediately relocate programs and provided the time to repair and reconstruct the building despite the challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic, said Deputy Mayor Michael Thompson.

aigencourt centre fire

Firefighting efforts were hampered by the layout of the building, thickness of the roof where the blaze smouldered for two days. At its peak, the fire – which was deemed accidental by investigators – reached a four-alarm status with 130 firefighters and 37 vehicles at the scene.

Repairs and improvements completed as part of reconstruction work included:

Building and façade

  • New timber roof, shingles and windows, woods-inspired cedar paneling on pool exterior, painted building exterior, roof top chiller and basement boilers, fire dampers, fire pump and back-up generator, as well as a new HVAC system.
  • A refresh of the existing courtyard with the installation of a new concrete patio, mulched gardens and interlocking pavers.

Community Centre

  • New lighting, window treatments, flooring and counter surfaces, new Lions Club dedicated kitchen and improvements to the existing teaching kitchen, new washroom partitions, increased community and office space, new dance hall flooring and equipment.

Aquatic area

  • New pool slide with refreshed tile in the tower access, improved insulation and wood panelling features, new windows, improved change room and the replacement of the chlorine gas pool sanitizing system to a more efficient liquid chlorine model.

“The Agincourt Community Recreation Centre has been a hub in the community for years, and the fire in 2019 impacted the lives of many,” said Mayor John Tory. “I want to thank everyone involved in not only adapting over the past two years to keep services open and moving at other centres for the Agincourt community, but for reimagining this new centre that is fully equipped and prepared to open its doors when public health guidelines allow.”


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