Brampton and Mississauga advocate at AMO conference for focus on infrastructure, transit

Ontario Construction News staff writer

Delegations from Brampton and Mississauga adocated at the 2021 AMO virtual conference, encouraging municipal leaders to focus on health, recovery and future prosperity.

Mississauga Mayor Bonnie Crombie attended the conference, promoting housing affordability, investing in sustainable infrastructure, leading recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic, revisions to the GTAA PILT formula, and building new transit and transportation networks, among many more.

“The AMO Conference is our opportunity to discuss issues with the provincial government and work together to find solutions. It is also our opportunity to inform the government of Mississauga’s priorities and ensure they understand why Mississauga matters,” she said Mayor Crombie. “There are many issues and challenges on the horizon for our City and we need the support of our provincial partners to bring our plans to reality.”

As COVID-19 continues, priorities must highlight recovery and the overall health and well-being of our community, Brampton Mayor Patrick Brown says, including:

  • Active Transportation – to expand and promote active transportation projects, including cycling infrastructure and funding
  • Climate Change & Public Health – partner with the Provincial government to make investments and policy changes to support a healthy environment, economy, and community
  • Second Units – address the lack of affordable housing options and advocate for Building Code reform
  • Economic Development and Recovery – to provide investment and support through the economic recovery, and to progress and promote Brampton’s Innovation District
  • Community Safety Advocacy – increased mental health supports, identifying new and existing resources for community safety, and increased funding for the Peel Housing Master Plan
  • Housing – develop solutions and programs to address safe and affordable housing for residents and international students, and review related impacts on City infrastructure
  • Transit – funding for transit operations to recover from the pandemic and safely increase ridership to pre-COVID-19 levels
  • Higher-Order Transit – continued advancement of ongoing initiatives; LRT extension, Queen Street-Highway 7 BRT study and all-day, two-way GO Train service

“The City of Brampton’s team continues to demonstrate strength and resiliency during the pandemic. They’ve delivered ongoing supports the community relies on while also progressing projects and initiatives to strengthen the city, positioning us for success and a dynamic economic recovery,” said David Barrick, Brampton CAO. “Collaboration with our provincial partners is imperative for Brampton’s future. I am looking forward to engaging with our colleagues during the conference and relaying what is most important to this city.”


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