Brampton seeking feedback on city-wide parking strategy

Ontario Construction News staff writer

To help improve infrastructure planning for expected high growth, the City of Brampton is conducting its first-ever citywide parking review.

Parking requirements have an impact on affordable housing, development costs and land use planning and a successful parking strategy will assist the city to develop complete, healthy, walkable communities.

“In recent years, Brampton has seen greater intensification along transportation corridors and a significant increase in transit ridership.  As we move forward, it’s important that we engage with stakeholders to understand how our roads are currently being used and how we can best plan for the future,” said Mayor Patrick Brown.

“I encourage everyone to participate in the engagement session or complete our survey to provide feedback and be part of this process.”

For more information or to provide feedback, join an online engagement session will be held tomorrow (Thursday, Jan. 13) from 6 to 8 p.m.

The city will review current challenges and opportunities, and benchmark best practices in other jurisdictions. The Brampton Parking Plan will provide guiding principles and recommendations on policies and efficient parking management for the future.

The first phase of the plan will review links between parking issues and the broader economic, social and environmental goals of the City to develop a vision and policy framework.

In its second phase, recommendations for a business and financial model for parking within the city will be presented for review.

To support the first-ever Parking Strategy, the City of Brampton has engaged IBI Group. This plan will align with other current strategies including Brampton Plan and Housing Brampton.

“Brampton’s Parking Plan will provide us with the information necessary to identify parking opportunities and plan in a smarter, more efficient way. By working with our municipal partners and members of the community, we will be able to develop a comprehensive plan reflective of Brampton’s current and future needs,” said David Barrick, Brampton chief administrative officer.


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