Brampton’s proposed 2022 budget centred on sustainability, growth

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Ontario Construction News staff writer

Deliberations begin Nov. 29 on the City of Brampton’s proposed 2022 budget which is focused on sustainability and growth opportunities. Final approval is expected at the Dec. 8 council meeting.

“Significant contributions to infrastructure reserves to date have placed Brampton in a fiscally strong position to respond to immediate repair and replacement needs in the 2022 capital plan,” said CAO David Barrick.

“By utilizing healthy reserve balances and adjusting the funding model for infrastructure levies, the city continues to be well positioned to refurbish buses, fire trucks and apparatus, roads and stormwater systems.”

The proposed budget includes investments in affordable housing strategy, safer roads, managing urban tree canopy, energy efficiency upgrades, and arts and cultural projects. More than $54 million is included for new construction of a youth hub, Sports Hall of Fame, fire stations, electric vehicle charging stations.

Capital budget highlights:

  • $53.2 million for new construction of recreational facilities, including a youth hub and Sports Hall of Fame.
  • $4.6 million for new or enhanced neighbourhood parks, upgraded pathways, sports fields, playgrounds, and trails.
  • $13.4 million for downtown Brampton revitalization initiatives
  • $20 million to prepare for the construction of the Centre for Innovation.
  • $22.6 million for roads resurfacing, reconstruction and other improvements
  • $100 million over three years for Riverwalk project ($9.3M in 2022) for flood mitigation and unlocking of economic potential

“As a progressive city with a bold vision, we aim to create opportunities as we recover from the pandemic, maintain facilities, public spaces, programs and services and enhance the areas in our community that contribute to a healthier lifestyle,” said CAO David Barrick.


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