Burlington seeking input on integrated mobility plan

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Ontario Construction News staff writer

The City of Burlington is creating its first Integrated Mobility Plan (IMP) and the next stage of the project is seeking public input for the proposed recommendations for the walking, cycling, car, truck and bus networks for Burlington for the next 30 years.

The StoryMap and survey are available for comment until Nov 14. Feedback will be shared during a presentation of the recommended network solution to city council on Dec. 13.

In previous stages of the project, staff used public feedback to confirm the IMP vision, values and goal statements, concepts that define the desired transportation system for the Burlington of the future.

Over the last 30 years, Burlington’s transportation network has accommodated growth by building more roadways. This strategy is no longer sustainable. The city does not have the space to build new roadways and the financial cost to maintain a larger network of roads is significant.

The IMP is built around eight pillars which, when implemented, will result in a new era of transportation that:

  • Provides a wide range of options for getting around regardless of age, means or ability, including walking, cycling, public transit and automobiles
  • Uses compact modes of travel like buses, bicycles and walking to efficiently move larger number of people
  • Is well connected to transportation systems in surrounding regions
  • Offers fast, reliable and more frequent transit
  • Features improved facilities and safety for cyclists and pedestriansStakeholders are invited to take the mapping survey and place comments on the map that show the Priority Networks for walking, cycling, transit, cars and trucks.Bottom of Form


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