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Ontario Construction News is publishing Certificate of Substantial Performance (CSP) and other Statutory Notices as defined in the Ontario Construction Act.

Note: We endeavour to publish your CSP and deliver (via emailed PDF) your Certificate of Publication the next business day after submission (deadline: 6:00 p.m.), speeding up the publication process to facilitate your holdback release. 

To Submit a Certificate for publication, visit our Certificates and Notices Page for the appropriate form. you can enter the certificate data directly, or email it to certificates@ontarioconstructionnews.com. All certificate notices, regardless of length, are between $130 and $250 less than you have been paying previously (and your savings can be even greater for exceptionally lengthly notices because of our low flat rate.)

Statutory Certificate forms under the Ontario Construction Act.

Guide to Placing Certificate Advertisements in Ontario Construction News

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Posted Certificates

Location Published Owner Contractor Download
Bond Paving - #5891 - Various Car Parks - Toronto
Various Car Parks
20/01/23 Toronto Parking Authority Bond Paving and Construction Inc. Download Certificate
Regional Trenching - #5894 - North of Townline Road and East of Canborough Street - Township of West Lincoln
north of Townline Road and east of Canborough Street
20/01/23 DeHaan Homes Inc. Regional Trenching Inc. Download Certificate
Trans Power - #5895 - Heathwood Country Lane - Whitby, ON
Heathwood Country Lane Residential Development Phase 3
20/01/23 Heathwood Homes (Whitby Country Lane) Limited Trans Power Utility Contractors Inc. Download Certificate
KRE8 Projects - #5898 - 430 Hespeler Road - WENDY'S #6353
430 Hespeler Road Cambridge ON N1R 6J7
20/01/23 QSR GROUP Kre8 Projects Download Certificate
Regional Trenching - #5900 - north of Beaverdeams Road and east of Collier Road - City of Thorold
north of Beaverdams Road and east of Collier Road
20/01/23 Stardust Estates Inc. Regional Trenching Inc. Download Certificate