Mortlock Construction Inc – #6117 – 190 Simcoe St. – City of Peterborough


    Publication Date: 18th March, 2020
    Location of premises

    City of Peterborough

    190 Simcoe St., Peterborough, ON, K9H 2H6


    City of Peterborough, Transit Terminal City of Peterborough Police Hub

    Substantially performed: 27th February, 2020
    Certificate signed: 11th March, 2020


    Name of Owner
    City of Peterborough
    Address of Owner
    500 George St. North, Peterborough, ON, K9H 3R9
    Name of Contractor
    Mortlock Construction Inc.
    Address of Contractor
    P.O. Box 545, Peterborough, ON K9J 6Z6
    Name of Payment Certifier
    Christopher Lyons / Left Architects Inc.
    Address of Payment Certifier
    138 Simcoe St., Peterborough, ON, K9H 2H5

    Identification of premises for preservation of liens:

    190 Simcoe St., Peterborough, ON, K9H 2H6