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Eastern Ontario

Belleville Various Roads Reconstruction Geotechnical Investigations

Industry Name: Heavy/Highway/Utilities

Trade Name: Highway/Roadwork

Project Street: Various/Multiple

Project City: Belleville

Detail Of Services: Consulting Services for Geotechnical Investigations for the Reconstruction of Rollins Drive, from Victoria Avenue to the new northern roadway(roughly 400 m) and Chelford Crescent, from the southern Rollins Drive intersection to the first bend (roughly 110 m)

Questions Contact: Christine Fradley Purchasing Supervisor Phone: (613) 967-3200 ext. 3301 Email: Questions Deadline: Tue Oct 12, 2021 4:30 PM (EDT)

DCC Petawawa Building CS117 Mezzanine Construction

Industry Name: Government

Trade Name: Military

Project Street: 101 Menin Road

Project City: Petawawa

Detail Of Services: The work includes, but is not necessarily limited to, the supply of labour, material, supervision and equipment necessary to provide and install pre-engineered mezzanine within the stores warehouse of CS117. Includes lighting, HVAC modifications and fire protection. The Work must reach Substantial Completion no later than 245 calendar days after notification of contract award and must be completed no later than 28 calendar days after the date of Substantial Completion.

Questions Contact: Stephen Recoskie Phone: 613-687-5511 ext. 6202 Email: Inquiries relating to this solicitation are to be directed Only to the DCC Contracting Authority mentioned above. Bidders who contact anyone other than the DCC Contracting Authority to obtain clarifications during the solicitation period may, for that reason alone, be disqualified.

Cornwall Affordable Housing Complex Construction

Industry Name: Residential

Trade Name: Social Housing/Public Housing

Project Street: 9th & McConnell

Project City: Cornwall

Detail Of Services: The work for this project involves the construction of a mixed-use multi-residential social/affordable housing complex

Questions Contact: Purchasing Services Phone: (613)932-6252 Email: Questions Deadline: Tue Oct 19, 2021 4:30 PM (EDT)

Northern Ontario

TBSSA Andras Court Stairwell Painting

Industry Name: Residential

Trade Name: Social Housing/Public Housing

Project Street: 120 S Cumberland

Project City: Thunder Bay

Detail Of Services: The TBDSSAB invites Bid Submissions (Bids) from qualified contractors for the preparation and painting of the stair treads and ground floor landing areas in the stairwells, as per the scope of work at 120 & 122 Cumberland Street (Andras Court), Thunder Bay, ON. This is a 6 Storey apartment complex.

Questions Contact: Bidders are to submit all questions in writing through the TSSAB Website using the Submit a Question link associated with this bid request. Questions Deadline: October 14, 2021 at 12:00 PM

Cochrane Menard Lake Road Granular A Gravel

Industry Name: Heavy/Highway/Utilities

Trade Name: Gravel Supply/Spread/Dust Suppression

Project Street: Menard Lake Road

Project City: Cochrane

Detail Of Services: This Request for Quotation by the Corporation of the Town of Cochrane invites Quotations from qualified Bidders to supply and deliver approximately 1800 to 2000 metric tonnes of granular ‘A’ gravel on Menard Lake Road.

Questions Contact: Jared Alcock Municipal Engineering Technologist Phone: 705-272-5086 ext. 330 Email:

Southern Ontario

UTS Biological Sciences Teaching Labs Renovations – Phase III

Industry Name: Educational

Trade Name: College/University

Project Street: 1265 Military Trail

Project City: Scarborough

Detail Of Services: The Design and Construction Management department requires general contracting services for Phase 3 of the interior renovation of Biological Sciences Teaching Labs in SW321, SW322 and SW323 located on the third floor of the Science Wing building at the University of Toronto Scarborough. Project Timeline:• Earliest Construction Start – Week of December 6, 2021• Substantial Performance Date – July 15, 2022• Ready for Takeover – Week of August 1, 2022• Completion of Deficiencies – Week of August 22, 2022

Questions Contact: Richard Pajor, CSCMP Procurement Officer, Financial Services Email: Deadline for Questions: October 14, 2021 at 2:00pm

Brampton Various Locations Splash Pads Installation & Supply

Industry Name: Leisure/Parks/Recreation

Trade Name: Water Structures/Fountains

Project Street: Various/Multiple

Project City: Brampton

Detail Of Services: Prequalification of Contractors for Supply and Installation of Splash Pads

Questions Contact: Bidders are advised that inquiries regarding the interpretation of the documents shall be directed to the Purchasing Department via the Submit a Question button for the selected bid opportunity. Santosh Mishra, Senior Buyer Email: Question: Deadline: Fri Oct 15, 2021 12:00:00 PM (EDT)

UWO Saugeen Maitland Hall & Sydenham Hall Chiller Replacement

Industry Name: Educational

Trade Name: College/University

Project Street: 1393 Western Road

Project City: London

Detail Of Services: Saugeen Maitland and Sydenham Hall Chiller Replacement.

Questions Contact: –

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