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databid nov. 23

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Eastern Ontario

Clarence Rockland Fire Protection Systems Inspection Testing & Maintenance

Industry Name: Public Buildings

Trade Name: Other Public Buildings

Project Street: Various/Multiple

Project City: Clarence Rockland

Detail Of Services: This Request for Quotations is an invitation by the Corporation of the City of Clarence-Rockland to prospective respondents to submit quotations for the Annual Inspection, Testing & Maintenance – Fire Protection Systems for Commercial Cooking Operations / Extinguishers / Fire Alarm Systems / Emergency Lights.

Questions Contact: Yves Rousselle, Buyer Phone: 613-880-3249 ext. 2235  Email:

Brockville City Harbour Docks Supply & Installation

Industry Name: Water/Marine Construction

Trade Name: Docks/Piers/Breakwaters

Project Street: Block House Island Rd.

Project City: Brockville

Detail Of Services: The City is seeking qualified contractors to complete the work as described in the tender documents to perform construction and installation of Harbour Docks at Ernie Fox Quay and the City Harbour at Tunnel Bay. This tender also includes the removal of underwater weights and chains and the removal and disposal of existing docks in Tunnel Bay.

Questions Contact: Emily Wood Email: Questions Deadline: December 15, 2021 at 2:00pm

Kingston Richardson Beach Bath House Renovations

Industry Name: Leisure/Parks/Recreation

Trade Name: Other Leisure/Parks/Recreation

Project Street: 2 Emily Street

Project City: Kingston

Detail Of Services: The objective of the project is to rejuvenate the existing Richardson Beach Bath House (RBBH) facility. The project scope includes, but is not limited to: Demolition and removal of existing fixtures; architectural finishes; plumbing; existing oil furnace, boiler, radiators, and associated piping; lighting; etc. Abatement of designated substances as required. Refer to Appendix D for extents and recommendations for abatement. Removal of the secondary story floor and associated structural modifications. Installation of new plumbing as required. Installation and modification of lighting. Installation of new electric heating. Installation of new washroom fixtures. Installation of new architectural finishes. Installation of new accessibility appurtenances. Exterior repairs to the building envelope

Questions Contact: General Purchasing Enquires: Telephone: 613-546-4291 (2229) Email:

Northern Ontario

Canadore College Aviation Campus Partial Road Construction

Industry Name: Heavy/Highway/Utilities

Trade Name: Highway/Roadwork

Project Street: 55 Aviation Avenue

Project City: North Bay

Detail Of Services: The project is within the City of North Bay, more specifically, Canadore College Aviation Campus. The project involves the supply & installation of new material for the construction of a granular access road and pad to facilitate the relocation of an aircraft on site. Major items and quantities are as follows:• 1,175 m2 Granular A• 400 m2 Topsoil and Hydroseed Project Timeline: The commencement date for work under this Contract shall be fourteen (14)calendar days after receipt of the Engineer’s written order to commence work.

Questions Contact: Any questions and/or requests for clarification regarding this tender document shall be made in writing only, via Bonfire Hub. Questions related to this bid are to be submitted to the Project Representative through the Bidding System only by clicking on the Ask a Question button associated with this bid opportunity. Purchasing Department Email: Deadline for Questions: December 15, 2021 at 2:00pmDeadline for Issuing Addenda: December 17, 2021 at 4:30pm

Science North Indigenous Ingenuity Exhibition Design Build

Industry Name: Leisure/Parks/Recreation

Trade Name: Other Leisure/Parks/Recreation

Project Street: 100 Ramsey Lake Road

Project City: Sudbury

Detail Of Services: This RFP is issued for the purpose of obtaining proposals from qualified firms experienced in exhibit design and fabrication to provide exhibit design, fabrication and delivery of a 100 square metre exhibition titled Indigenous Ingenuity.

Questions Contact: Christine Latondress Phone: 705-522-3701 ext. 369 Email: Questions Deadline: December 15, 2021 at 12:00pm

Southern Ontario

St Clair College of Applied Arts & Technology Life Safety System Services

Industry Name: Educational

Trade Name: College/University

Project Street: 2000 Talbot Rd

Project City: Windsor

Detail Of Services: The Purchaser is seeking proposals from qualified and experienced companies to provide Life Safety Systems Services including testing and inspections of fire alarm systems, sprinkler and standpipe systems, fire extinguishers, fire hydrants and kitchen suppression systems as described in Schedule B: Specifications and Scope of Work.

Questions Contact: Brunilda Gjini Phone: 519-972-2727 ext. 5341 Email: Questions Deadline: January 4, 2022 at 5:00pm

TDSB Gordon A Brown MS Drain Pipe Replacement

Industry Name: Educational

Trade Name: Schools

Project Street: 2800 St Clair Ave E

Project City: East York

Detail Of Services: Drain Pipe Replacement at Gordon A Brown MS

Questions Contact: Bidders are advised that inquiries regarding the interpretation of the documents shall be submitted via the Submit a Question button for the selected bid opportunity. Question Deadline: December 10, 2021 at 12:00pmContract Specialist:  Darlene Johnston

Cambridge Todd Street & Haddington Street Reconstruction

Industry Name: Heavy/Highway/Utilities

Trade Name: Highway/Roadwork

Project Street: Various/Multiple

Project City: Cambridge

Detail Of Services: Work includes the construction of approximately 265 m of 150mm diameter watermain, 415 m of 200mm diameter watermain, 600 m of 300mm to 525mm diameter storm sewer, 645 m of 200mm diameter sanitary sewer, 5950 m2 of asphalt roadway, 2200 m2 of concrete sidewalk, 1500 m of concrete curb and gutter and other miscellaneous works for the reconstruction of Todd Street and Haddington Street.

Questions Contact: Bidders are to submit all questions in writing through the Procurement Hub using the Bonfire Portal link associated with this bid request. Denise Hellyer, Senior Buyer Phone: (519)740-4680 ext. 4515Email:hellyerd@cambridge.caDeadline for Questions: December 15, 2021 at 2:00pm

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