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Eastern Ontario

KLHHC Ada Greaves Place New Affordable Housing Project

Industry Name: Residential

Trade Name: Social Housing/Public Housing

Project Street: –

Project City: Lindsay

Detail Of Services: Construction of a new 46 unit affordable housing apartment building (approximately 48,000 sf) in Lindsay, ON.

Questions Contact: –

KFHC 1 Curtis Crescent New Apartment Units Phase 2

Industry Name: Residential

Trade Name: Social Housing/Public Housing

Project Street: 1 Curtis Crescent

Project City: Kingston

Detail Of Services: Intent of this Bid call is to obtain an offer to perform work to complete 9new Apartment Units among 3 buildings, 9 units in total to be located at1 Curtis Crescent, Kingston, Ontario.

Questions Contact: Lori Kidd Velkova Asset & Project Management Assistant Phone: 613-546-5594 ext. 1563 Email: Scott Vander Schoor Director of Assets & Development Phone: 613-546-5591 ext. 1560 Email:

Smiths Falls Town Hall Renovation – Phase 3

Industry Name: Public Buildings

Trade Name: Courthouses/City/Town Halls

Project Street: 77 Beckwith St. N.

Project City: Smiths Falls

Detail Of Services: Town Hall Renovation – Phase 3.

Questions Contact: Art Manhire Director of Community Services Phone: 613-283-4124 ext. 6101 Email: Deadline for Questions: January 14, 2022 Deadline for Addenda: January 18, 2022

Northern Ontario

North Bay Tree Services Roster

Industry Name: Heavy/Highway/Utilities

Trade Name: Sitework/Clearing/Tree Removal

Project Street: Various/Multiple

Project City: North Bay

Detail Of Services: Tree Services Roster. Work includes but not limited to tree pruning, removal, stump grinding, planting, line clearing & chipping. Based on an & when needed basis.

Questions Contact: If a proponent has any questions or inquiries regarding the Bid Document, they shall submit questions in writing through the Bid Opportunities Website using the Submit a Question button associated with this bid opportunity. Question Deadline: Mon Jan 17, 2022 3:00:00 PM (EST)

Cochrane Fournier Landfill Site Diesel Generator Supply Delivery & Installation

Industry Name: Heavy/Highway/Utilities

Trade Name: Landfill/Waste Management

Project Street: Various/Multiple

Project City: Cochrane

Detail Of Services: This Request for Quotation by the Corporation of the Town of Cochrane invites Quotations from qualified Bidders for the supply, delivery and install of a prime duty, minimum 10-kilowatt, Propane Generator, 100 AMPs, 120/240V at the Town of Cochrane’s Fournier Landfill Site.

Questions Contact: Any questions and/or requests for clarification regarding this tender document shall be made in writing only, via Bids & Tenders. Questions related to this bid are to be submitted to the Project Representative through the Bidding System only, by clicking on the Submit a Question button associated with this bid opportunity. Jared Alcock Municipal Engineering Technologist Phone: 705-272-5086 ext. 330 Email: Deadline for Questions: January 11, 2022 at 12:00pm

Southern Ontario

Durham College Whitby Centre for Organic Regeneration Biodigester

Industry Name: Educational

Trade Name: College/University

Project Street: 1610 Champlain Ave.

Project City: Whitby

Detail Of Services: Centre for Organic Regeneration: Durham College continues to innovate and grow our Whitby campus, to support students who are cultivating, preparing, and serving food as part of the field-to-fork programming philosophy for which the college has become known. Currently the Whitby campus produces approximately 65 metric tons of food waste annually with limited ability for regeneration. The limited compost processes that do exist cannot provide adequate compost for the working farm. In addition, there are missed curriculum and fiscal opportunities. To address this, we are proposing the construction of the Centre for Organic Regeneration, a 1,500 square-foot facility that will allow us to close the field-to-fork-to-field loop by processing food waste from the Whitby campus and returning it to the earth, specifically the Weston Centre fields. This will help Durham College meet several objectives that directly align with our sustainability values, including:•The introduction of compost programming into curriculum• Producing and selling compost• Reducing food waste by 90 per cent• Creating research opportunities The new centre will consist of several buildings whose complementary operations will bring this vision to life. Description and Scope of Work: a. The Durham College is constructing a 500 square-foot automated composting facility formally referred to The Centre for Organic Regeneration to reclaim most the food waste by housing an automated Biodigester. The Centre for Organic Regeneration will feature: i. A fully enclosed, temperature controlled building is necessary to house the Biodigester, which has the ability to compost 250 kg daily and speeds up the composting process, breaking down materials we currently cannot, such as meats, small bones and some fats. ii. In addition, it will assist in any waste breakdown from the current aquaponics system. iii. The introduction of this organic regeneration facility at the Weston Centre has the potential to reduce food waste from the entire campus by 90 per cent and will be able to process up to 100 metric tons of food waste annually. b. The Institution is accepting proposals for the supply, delivery, installation, and commissioning of a Biodigester as described in the Deliverables section. General Requirements: a. Pasteurization cycle to remove any potential contamination and bacteria b. System reaches at minimum 70 degrees Celsius in composting cycle c. Efficient intake of energy and water to align with Durham College’s sustainable practices d. Minimal labour requirements e. Odourless system f. Compost by-product safe to use in market garden and on campus production systems g. System able to document food waste diversion metrics Preferred Features: Preference will be given to solutions that offer the following features: a. Additional materials not required for composting cycle (i.e. wood chips, saw dust etc.) b. Indoor system that can fit within a 500 sq. foot facility with power, running water, temperature control and ventilation c. Efficient compost system that can produce compost with 24-48 hours d. Ability to access biodigester analytics remotely through a web/mobile application. e. The Institution is open to other options not mentioned above but these should be listed separately as “Available Options”.

Questions Contact: Donny Gough Email: Facilities & Ancillary Services Desk Phone: 905-721-2000 ext. 3333 Email:

Plexxus/SJHC Reactivation Care Centre Prime Consultant Architecture Services

Industry Name: Medical

Trade Name: Hospitals

Project Street: 30 The Queensway

Project City: Toronto

Detail Of Services: Reactivation Care Centre Prime Consultant Architecture Services – including Mechanical, Electrical & Structural Engineering. This Request for proposal is issued for the purpose of soliciting Proposals from qualified proponents for the provision of Prime Consultant Architectural Services on behalf of St. Josephs’s Health Centre (“SJHC” or “Purchaser” or “Hospital”). Services are required for the complete design (refurbishment and renovation) of the 4th floor of the Gilgan Family Wing of SJHC into a Reactivation Care Centre (RCC). The conversion of the 4th floor is part of ongoing renovations to the Gilgan Family Wing. The Gilgan Family Wing is a 1960s building that requires both infrastructure and interior clinical renovations and requires a consultant team with this expertise. The initial stage for these services will be Schematic Design. Block planning has been completed. The first step of the work will be to complete the block planning as part of a combined Stage 1/ Stage 2 Ministry of Health (MOH)capital submission in coordination with a Functional Programmer engaged by SJHC. Proceeding to the following phases of Services will be based on SJHC obtaining approval from the Ministry of Health (the “Ministry).

Questions Contact: All communications regarding this project can be issued via the secure messaging functionality on the Ontario Tenders Portal (OTP) and directed to the Project Administrator. Deadline for Questions: January 10, 2022

Cambridge Todd Street & Haddington Street Construction Inspection Services

Industry Name: Heavy/Highway/Utilities

Trade Name: Highway/Roadwork

Project Street: Various/Multiple

Project City: Cambridge

Detail Of Services: This Request for Quotations is an invitation by the City of Cambridge to prospective respondents to submit non-binding quotations for Construction Inspection Services – Todd St. & Haddington St. The project will require full time Construction Inspection Services for Todd St from Water St to end and Haddington St from Samuelson St to Dundas St N (Tender 21-94) in the City of Cambridge.

Questions Contact: Dave Mawdsley Manager of Procurement Email: Note: Respondents and their representatives are not permitted to contact any employees, officers, agents, elected or appointed officials or other representatives of the City, other than the RFQ Contact, concerning matters regarding this RFQ. Failure to adhere to this rule may result in the disqualification of the respondent and the rejection of the respondent’s quotation.

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