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Certificates/notices: You can get started here

Ontario Construction News is published daily and fulfills the regulatory definitions of a "Construction Trade Newspaper" under the Ontario Construction Act. Accordingly, your Certificate of Substantial Performance (CSP) notices and other notices required to be published in a construction trade newspaper can appear by following a simple three-step process.

Our rates are highly competitive, with a $249 plus HST flat rate. There is a single price for all notices, regardless of length. You can prepay, use your credit card or direct deposit or pay by cheque after invoicing on publication. You'll achieve totally compliant publication within hours of submitting your notice.

See our searchable listing of published certificates/notices from all media at www.certificatesubstantialperformance.com

See this link for additional information about certificate/notice advertising under Ontario Construction Act regulations.

1. Submit Online or Download the appropriate form

You now have the choice to follow the traditional process and download, fill in and send us the form through the steps below, or complete the form electronically directly through the Submit Online function.

With the traditional option, you don't need to worry about keying the form and you will save a significant amount of time if you have several forms or they have complicated language. We will generate a proof for your review and approval before publication.

With the Submit Online option, you can speed things up a bit, which can be handy if you are submitting late in the afternoon (shortly before our 5:00 p.m. deadline) for the next day's issue.

Once you approve your proof (please return it right away to certificates@ontarioconstructionnews.com), certificates are published shortly after midnight on the day of publication and we will provide your Certificate of Publication that day. For proper publication compliance, the Legislation Act (2006)'s definition of a newspaper requires us to publish the notices in a sheet-page format on a regular interval; meaning it is not legally compliant to issue the CSP publication confirmation immediately after you submit your online form. However, the delay is only a matter of hours before publication of each weekday's issue of Ontario Construction News.

Proofs are important. Many contractors, on reviewing their proof, discover errors even though the proof accurately reflects the content on their Form 9 submission. By catching these errors before publication, contractors reduce the risk of non-compliance or needing to resubmit and republish their notices.

Note: "Form 6" under the former Construction Lien Act has been renumbered as "Form 9" under the new Ontario Construction Act. The Certificate of Substantial Performance (CSP) is exactly the same -- it just has a new form number.

Form 9 V1

Form 9 V1

Use this form for the publication of a Certificate of Substantial Performance of the Contract under Section 32 of the Construction Lien Act.

Form 6 V1

Form 6 V1

Use this form for the publication of a Notice of Non Payment of Holdback under section 27.1 of the Act

Form 8 V1

Form 8 V1

Use this form for the publication of a Notice of Termination under Sub-Section 31(6) of the Construction Act.

Form 10 V1

Form 10 V1

Use this form to publish a Certificate of Completion of Subcontract under Subsection 33 (1) of the Construction Act.

Form 11 V1

Form 11 V1

Use this form to publish a Notice of Intention to Register a Condominium in accordance with the Condominium Act, 1998 under Section 33.1 of the Construction Lien Act.

2. Submit online or Email your completed form to

fax 1-613-702-5357

Then review and "sign off" on the proof. (We return your proof automatically for online-entered orders; for emailed/faxed orders, the proof will be sent once our staffer completes the keying process, usually within a few hours.)

If you don't sign off or otherwise respond to the proof within five days, we'll run the notice automatically the next business day.

3. When will it be published

Notices received before 5:00 p.m. EDT (Monday-Friday) with approved proofs will be published the next business day.

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