Golf course owner resubmits MZO request to Town of New Tecumseth 

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Ontario Construction News staff writer

The Town of New Tecumseth has received an updated request to support a Minister’s Zoning Order (MZO) for Woodington Lake Management’s development, three months after the original plan was withdrawn. 

The request relating to a massive development located in the Village of Tottenham, will be discussed at a Committee of the Whole meeting Sept. 27.

Woodington’s original request was presented to council in March, and it was deferred by town council with a request for public consultation. Woodington withdrew the request in May.

“The Woodington Zoning Order (enclosed herewith at Attachment 1) represents an opportunity to implement a vision for the future of our community that strives to secure a strong economy, create a destination of choice, and give rise to a prosperous place to live, work, and play,” golf course owner Joe Chetti wrote in an Aug. 13 letter to council.

“Following the public consultations, we withdrew our request so we would have additional time to reflect upon the submissions received, to further engage with stakeholders, and to make improvements to our proposal.”

The new request is to allow:

  • employment generating uses and create employment opportunities given through shovel ready projects
  • the addition of a premium hotel, spa, and conference facility to complement the existing Woodington Lake Golf Course
  • development of residential and community uses, including an expanded natural area, consistent with Provincial directions regarding densities and the provision of alternative forms of housing including affordable units, housing geared to seniors
  • a 200-bed long-term care facility

If the MZO is granted, Woodington is proposing to front end the cost of a municipally-owned biodryer – a sustainable solution capable of converting up to 100 metric tonnes of biosolids and organic waste produced through the current municipally owned and operated wastewater treatment facilities into nutrient-rich compost. 

Proposed employment zones have been removed in the new request and the number of homes has been reduced to 3,250 dwellings to be built over 10 to 20 years and Chetti says the Zoning Order would achieve the following planning benefits:

  • make efficient use of a vacant parcel
  • provides for the logical extension of the Tottenham settlement area boundary
  • promote efficient development and land use patterns
  • contribute to achieving an urban form and character, with opportunities for publicly accessible open spaces, recreation, and connections
  • build sustainably through both building and site practices.

“The Woodington Zoning Order provides a prime opportunity to shape the future of the Town of New Tecumseth by providing for the numerous benefits . . . and likely represents a generational investment into the Tottenham Community,” Chetti wrote in his letter. “Woodington envisions Tottenham as a thriving destination for living, working and recreational activities and seeks council’s endorsement to bring this vision to reality.”


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