Kingston’s Third Crossing is one-third completed as construction continues in 2021

Ontario Construction News staff writer

Construction on Kingston’s Third Crossing bridge is about one-third completed as the project team enters 2021.

The integrated project delivery (IPD) team presented its third quarter report on the Third Crossing project to Kingston City Council in December.

kingston 3 crossing

Council heard that the main design packages have now been issued for construction with the exception of the remaining design packages that include the civil/road design for the east shore lands which are progressing with projected completion dates and issuance for construction in early Q4 of 2020, the report said.

The impacts of COVID-19 on design staff resourcing continue to be managed by the IPD team with remote work arrangements in place for the majority of IPD team members involved in the project design.

kingston 3 crossing

Highlights of 2020 construction include:

  • temporary rock causeway completed
  • the temporary trestle bridge near the east shore of the Cataraqui River is nearing completion
  • 17 piers completed

Bauer Foundations Canada is one of the trade partners responsible for work associated with construction of the bridge foundations and piers. Steady work has progressed on this critical part of the bridge construction during Q3 of 2020. At present, Bauer has advanced work on 11 of the 21 pier groups that are part of the bridge crossing.

kingston 3 crossing

Work involves advancing large diameter steel caissons down to bedrock, drilling rock sockets into bedrock, excavation of soils within the steel casing, installation of rebar cages, and concrete placement to complete the foundation construction.

ABF Reinforcing Steel, meanwhile, is one of the main project subcontractors responsible for completion of the bridge pier caps. Four pier caps have been completed to date; an additional two are underway with formwork and steel reinforcing being installed. Kiewit has also completed the foundation elements for both the west and east shore bridge abutments.

The report indicates that the project has been largely unaffected by the COVID-19 pandemic. For example, summer and fall disruptions to the supply of cement, slag and concrete as a result of the pandemic have not slowed down production, and the IPD team is working with its supplier St Mary’s CBM Ready Mix to mitigate any risks.

The IPD team also highlighted local benefits from the Third Crossing construction including:

  • 34,000+ hours of local work from labour located less than 115 kilometres away from
  • More than 24,000 hours of local work from labour located less than 40 kilometres away from Kingston.
  • Over $4.8 million spent to date on locally sourced material and contracts.
  • 61 contracts have been secured with local businesses.
  • More than $2,550 in charitable donations have been given to local residents by the
  • contractors (Kiewit, Hatch, and Bauer).
  • 56 community service hours have been offered by contractors.

As the project team heads into 2021, in-water construction activities will continue to be a major  focus. Upcoming completion of the temporary trestle bridge and lift span will complete all of the construction access work and enable the team to continue to advance work on pier foundation construction including the two larger pier units that will support the steel main span section of the Third Crossing bridge.

As the pier foundation work progresses, construction will also begin on the pier caps that will ultimately support the bridge girders and continued progress with the bridge abutments located on both the west and east shores.

Also planned is the placement of concrete girders on the approach spans for the bridge, which will also occur in the first quarter of the year. Fabrication of the girders is currently underway and being managed by DECAST in Barrie.

Construction activities utilizing heavy equipment are occurring from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m., with non-noise generating activities from 10pm to 3am. Non-noise generating activities are typically preparation work for construction activities on the following day.


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