Last chance for Ontarians to help set a world record for screwdriver passing

Ontario Construction News staff writer

Today (May 26) is the last day to join Skills Ontario’s attempt to set a new Guinness World Record for the largest online video chain of people passing and using a screwdriver. The number to beat is 250.

All Ontarians are invited to participate in making history by helping to break the record.

“As Skills Ontario is dedicated to increasing awareness in skilled trades and technologies, we’re very excited to invite Ontarians to make history with us through this event,” Ian Howcroft, CEO of Skills Ontario said in a statement.

“We’re aiming to bring attention to these amazing careers through this new initiative – there is a growing demand for skilled professionals, and we work every day to address that gap. While this initiative has a focus on women in the skilled trades, as part of our commitment to diversity and inclusivity, it is open to all to participate.”

Ontario Members of Parliament including Monte McNaughton, minister of labour training and skills development, got in on the action posting videos on the weekend.

To participate:

  • Each participant must be equipped with their own commercially available screwdriver, as well as a surface or object where a screw can be inserted.
  • The videos in the chain must be of a single individual receiving a screwdriver from out of frame (left hand to right hand) and passing the screwdriver out of the other frame.
  • All of the individuals must receive the screwdriver and use it to screw into the surface/item and pass the screwdriver in the same direction (i.e. all screwdrivers receiving from the left hand and passed with right hand).
  • When passing the screwdriver in/out of frame, the video must show your forearm/elbow (or your arm being extended)
  • The screw must be completely screwed in prior to the participant passing the screwdriver to the next participant.
  • Only one video can be uploaded per person.

To secure the record and to make sure all guidelines are followed, and all participants must sign a photo/video release form when uploading their video.

Participants 18 years and younger must have a parent/guardian sign the form.

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