Minetell’s new COVID-19 screening app helps businesses manage and mitigate risks

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Ontario Construction News special feature

Shortly after the coronavirus pandemic began last spring, Minetell created and launched its new COVID-19 screening web app to help Ontario businesses manage and mitigate risks related to the virus.

The team at Minetell asked ‘how can we help?’ With guidance from health care professionals, they quickly developed a focused version of our enterprise risk management platform to measure COVID-19 controls. We have developed screening and control monitoring modules to help prevent the spread of the virus and keep employees and their families safe.

The app allows employees, contractors, and visitors to be screened in seconds so that workplaces can quickly determine who should be allowed on site, and helping to prevent the introduction and spread of COVID-19.

Minetell can be accessed anywhere, on any device and at any time. The screening questions are in line with Ontario public health guidelines and can be customized to meet an organization’s needs. When a failed screening is detected, automated alerts are sent to designated personnel to begin case management. Detecting potential cases of COVID-19 easy and seamless. The platform is trusted by industry leaders in mining, manufacturing, and construction. More than 30,000 screenings have been completed on our platform.

With Minetell, businesses can not only comply with the Government of Ontario’s employee screening requirements but also monitor control performance across a site or organization.

The web app easily allows users to assess controls such as handwashing, PPE, and distancing. Inputs are analyzed in real-time, and alerts are sent to the appropriate people to take action.

Companies are provided with reliable and actionable information that allows management to proactively predict and prevent COVID-19 control failures and continue operating with minimal disruptions

With a goal of helping businesses reopen and remain open safely, Mintell is offering a free 5-day trial of the platform to businesses that are looking for effective ways to screen a large number of employees, contractors, and visitors to keep their workplaces safe and healthy.


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