NHBA raises $5,800 for Kristen French Advocacy Centre Niagara

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Ontario Construction News staff writer

The Niagara Home Builders’ Association (NHBA) says it has exceeded its goal set in early March to raise $5,000 for the Kristen French Advocacy Centre (KFAC) Niagara in St. Catherines.

It exceeded its goal, raising $5,800.

In a statement, the association says it has supported the KFAC centre for five years.  The organization “offers a safe place for children and youth who have experienced physical abuse, sexual abuse, have become the targets of internet violence, or were the unwilling witnesses of violence,” the NHBA says. “It is a child focused, private environment for children and youth to disclose their experience of abuse to specially trained teams from the Niagara Regional Police Service, as well as Family and Children’s Services Niagara.”

KFAC will be taking a hit in 2020, with their “Playhouse Build”, one of the organization’s largest revenue generators being forced to cancel due to COVID19.

The NHBA kicked off the donation drive with $2,500, and reached out to  members with the mission to match that amount, for a total donation of $5,000.

“The generosity of the members was overwhelming, and the original goal was exceeded, with total donations to the KFAC coming in at $5,800.”


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