Niagara Health names St. Catharines entrance to honour Rankin Construction owner

rankin entrance

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Ontario Construction News staff writer

The Niagara Health Foundation held a ceremony last week to unveil the new name of the Catharines Site main entrance named “Rankin Family Main Entrance.”

“We are so grateful for everything that Tom and his family have done for the Foundation, the hospital and Niagara,” said Andrea Scott, president and CEO, Niagara Health Foundation.

Tom Rankin is owner of Rankin Construction, a company that specializes in a wide range of heavy civil construction projects that include roads, bridges, sewer and water main, marine and renewable energy.

After hearing about the dedication, employees took to social media to congratulate the boss and community leader.

This is just another reason why a guy works his entire career for this family. Proud to be a long time employee of Rankin Construction,” said Marc Rochefort.

The front entrance of the St. Catharines site was chosen so that patients walking through the doors know “they are not alone and they are well supported in their care at Niagara Health.”

“It is much more than a name over a doorway. It symbolizes that generous community leaders like the Rankin Family are supporting patients when they walk through those doors. “They are not alone, and they are well supported in their care at Niagara Health.”

Through personal donations, the Rankin Run and the recent MRI campaign, which raised over $2.8 million in just over two months, Tom and his family have been personally involved in raising millions of dollars that enable Niagara Health to provide exceptional care.

“I’ve had the privilege of getting to know Tom over the last number of months. His love for Niagara is abundantly obvious. Naming the entrance after the Rankin Family is reflective of their generous spirit and the lasting impact of their contributions to quality healthcare,” Lynn Guerriero, president and CEO, Niagara Health, said in a statement.

Tom Rankin as at the ceremony and said his entire family was honoured and humbled to accept the award.

“From an early age I was brought up to be kind and generous to people and through business I have been able to give back to the community. I always say I didn’t get into business just to make money, you need to have a conscience,” Rankin said.


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