OAPC publishes all Ten of Top 10 List – Ways to get more durable HMA pavements fact sheets


Ontario Construction News staff writer

The Ontario Asphalt Pavement Council, a council of the Ontario Road Builders’ Association (ORBA),  says it has published its Top 10 List – Ways to Get More Durable Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA) Pavements Fact Sheets.

The Top Ten List Fact Sheet series was completed this month with the publishing of #3 Specify a Finer Gradation for your Mix Type, #4 Don’t Over Heat the Mix, and #10 Complete Quality Assurance (QA) Testing and Inspection.

The complete Top 10 List – Ways to Get More Durable HMA Pavements Fact Sheet series features:

#1 Do Your Homework

#2 Encourage Mixes That Have Higher Asphalt Cement (AC) Content

#3 Specify a Finer Gradation for your Mix Type

#4 Don’t Over Heat the Mix

#5 Include Adequate Surface Preparations in the Plans

#6 Ensuring Adequate Pavement Bond

#7 Provide Proper Pavement Density

#8 Producing Uniform and Consistent (Quality) Mix

#9 Use Rap Responsibly

#10 Complete Quality Assurance (QA) Testing and Inspection

The OAPC developed the Top 10 List from results of the Quality of Asphalt Review (QAR), which commenced in September 2018. The QAR was commissioned in the fall of 2017 and was managed by KPMG and consisted of analysis conducted by Texas A&M Transportation Institute (TTI).

“The TOP Ten List was announced shortly after the completion of the QAR in 2017 as part of the road map outlined by the QAR for continuous improvement in asphalt pavements. It does not include everything that can negatively affect a successful paving operation, yet provides a useful top-level summary,” said Doubra Ambaiowei, ORBA Technical Director. “We are very pleased to now have this complete set of fact sheets available to serve as an educational resource for best practices to ensure quality asphalt pavements.”

The Top 10 List Ways to Get More Durable HMA Pavement Fact Sheet series are available on the OAPC’s website at  http://www.onasphalt.org/publications/ohmpa_publications/fact_sheets.html.


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