OHBA ramping up the workforce for energy construction

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The Ontario Home Builders Association (OHBA) is looking for employers to hire job-ready workers for six-month, full-time paid placements.

The OHBA is piloting a program to provide job-ready candidates to support home builders. The Job Ready program supplies new entrants to the construction industry in an effort to address the labour shortage and the generational shift underway as large numbers of skilled trades are retiring.

The Job Ready program will recruit, pre-screen and qualify prospective workers, including providing the mandatory industry safety training required by the Ministry of Labour, Training and Skills Development.

Job Ready is an OHBA program managed by EnerQuality, the number one certifier of energy efficient housing in Canada and a market leader in residential green building programs.

Monica Curtis is leading expansion of residential green building training, certification and demonstration programs at EnerQuality, where she is President and CEO. Ms. Curtis builds energy efficiency and workforce development programs, product lines and organizations from vision and strategy through to execution.

“Both employers and employees receive support throughout the program with a goal of creating a meaningful introduction to the industry and translating into lasting employment,” says Curtis.

“Program participants bring energy, a strong work ethic and willingness to on-the-job learning, and are matched with local employers with starter roles in the construction industry.”

With the ability to convert placement workers to full-time employees at the end of their placement, employers could receive up to a $3,000 incentive per hire. Funding for the program comes from Ministry of Labour, Training and Skills Development.

“Ontario’s residential construction industry has offered nearly 200 entry-level positions for the program — from general labour and pre-trades roles to office roles in warranty work and design centres,” says Curtis. “These are great jobs that will give eager job seekers a window into construction and hopefully start them on a path to a career in the industry.”

The new Job Ready program is featured at the virtual 2021 OHBA Annual Conference today with Curtis explaining how to access the program and its benefits to individual participants and the construction industry.


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