Ottawa’s planning committee approves nine-storey mixed-use building in Kanata

Ontario Construction News staff writer

Ottawa’s planning committee has  approved a zoning amendment to permit a nine-storey, mixed-use building at the corner of Teron and March roads, on the edge of Kanata’s Beaverbrook community. The applicant also plans a three-storey apartment building at 1131 and 1151 Teron. Taken together, the buildings would add 139 residential units to the site.

Along with residences, the development would add ground-floor commercial space to this underused location that’s in an area with ample neighbourhood services. A future transit station is also planned for the same intersection.

At its meeting on Oc.t 8, the committee also approved a zoning amendment to reduce the amount of parking required at warehouses and industrial buildings.

The city calculates parking rates for this type of building assuming that greater floor area will also mean more employees. A trend toward automated technologies, however, means warehouses and industrial buildings do not necessarily need more employee parking just because they require more floor space to house automated systems.

The amendment would permit unused parking areas to be used for trees or amenities, rather than unnecessarily covering the land with asphalt.


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