Pickering launches second round of public consultation to shape future of waterfront

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Ontario Construction News staff writer

The City of Pickering has launched a second round of public consultation for the waterfront and Nautical Village project on the new online community engagement platform.

As long-term planning continues the city is seeking feedback on personal experiences, hopes, and ideas on how the community can enjoy, enhance, and protect the waterfront.

“It is imperative to seek feedback and get a thorough understanding of the diverse needs of the community and how to best serve its members,” city staff wrote in a report.

“Pickering is experiencing significant growth and it is important that we continuously evolve and adapt to the needs of our community.”

This round of public engagement focuses on the Nautical Village, the uses of the area, and its unique character. Public surveys on the village and the waterfront plan are available until Nov. 30.

The first round of consultation revealed:

  • Respondents enjoy the waterfront by using the trails, spending time at the beach, and viewing nature.
  • Nautical Village currently reflects the vision of being a unique waterfront community influenced by the nautical theme and having pedestrian friendly spaces.
  • Improvements are needed for parking, restroom facilities and safe bikeways were frequently mentioned.
  • As the waterfront continues to evolve and be impacted by environment matters, impacts from developments/human activity is the most significant, as well as road congestion and the water quality of Lake Ontario.
  • Pickering’s waterfront is somewhat weak or weak as a tourist destination and would benefit from amenities/facilities, activities or events to better enhance the area.

Additional community feedback will be reviewed and considered by council and staff for future planning studies and waterfront initiatives.


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