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Platinum DataBid Monthly: Complete public project access


Platinum Databid 1-month subscription $149.00



The Platinum DataBid Subscription includes a special, extended version of Ontario Construction News, with as many as 50 to 100 daily project opportunities in Eastern, Northern and Southern Ontario.

This information is available through a special restricted-access PDF of the publication, and a private datapage feed — only available to Platinum subscribers.

Because of the value of the data in this subscription offer, we cannot offer it for free, but can send (an outdated) sample of a day’s issue/listings on request — just email your request to subscriptions@ontarioconstructionnews.com. You can try the service out for seven days, and if you don’t find it is of value to your business, request a cancellation and full refund.

Platinum subscriptions are available monthly for $149.00, or you can save more by requesting a three-month subscription for $295.00 or an annual subscription for $995.00.

If you are currently a direct paid subscriber with DataBid.com please let us know and we’ll provide this service to you without additional charge.


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