Peterborough: Public input sought in Lansdowne Street West Operational Improvement Project

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The City of Peterborough is undertaking an operational and safety improvement project for Lansdowne Street West.

The goals of the project are:

  • improve traffic flow, vehicle safety, and driveway access by constructing a centre two-way left-turn lane
  • improve the lane arrangements at the Spillsbury Drive/Kawartha Heights Boulevard and Clonsilla Avenue intersections
  • improve pedestrian, cyclist and vehicular safety
  • add / improve pedestrian and cyclist facilities, including off-street multi-use trails on both the north and south sides of the roadway
  • improve access to commercial and residential properties within the corridor

lansdowne roadThe project is being undertaken in general accordance with the recommendations set out in the approved Environmental Study Report (ESR) for Lansdowne Street West completed in 2012.

Construction is expected to begin next year and happen in phases:

Phase 1 (2022): Utility relocations, Clonsilla Avenue roadworks, Clonsilla Avenue intersection works, and a portion of Lansdowne Street roadworks leading from the Clonsilla Avenue intersection heading west.

Phase 2 (2023): Spillsbury Drive roadworks, Kawartha Heights Boulevard roadworks, Spillsbury Drive/Kawartha Heights Boulevard intersection works, and the remainder of Lansdowne Street roadworks not included in Phase 1.

The project team will review and evaluate the feasibility of all feedback received through Connect Peterborough as it considers changes to the project plan.


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