Published on: 12th August, 2020
    Bidding ends: 10th September, 2020
    Location: London, ON
    Tender Details:

    Tender # 2020-0014
    202 McNay Street


    Roof Replacement

    202 McNay Street, London ON

    Tender Request # 2020 – 0014

    London & Middlesex Community Housing will receive
    Electronic Tenders for the supply and installation services
    relating to the listed project above until 11:00 am local
    time, on Thursday September 10, 2020. Tenders to be
    delivered electronically to: of
    NA Engineering Associates Inc.

    The scope of the work is to provide removal of the existing
    roof system on the apartment building located at 202
    McNay Street and replace it with a new 2 ply modified
    bitumen roof system.

    The work includes, but is not limited to:

    1. Remove and dispose of;
    1.1. Existing cap and counter flashing metal at
    perimeter parapets and walls of the building.
    1.2. Pea stone ballast
    1.3. 4 ply BUR roof system
    1.4. Thermal insulation

    2. Replace with new roof system:
    2.1. Self-adhesive vapour barrier
    2.2. One layer of 75 mm (3”) thick
    polyisocyanurate insulation and tapered
    2.3. High-Density Polyisocyanurate Board and
    Base Sheet Membrane (2-1 SopraSmart
    Board ISO HD by Soprema)
    2.4. Granulated cap sheet GR membrane
    torched applied

    3. Install a new asphalt torched applied 2 Ply
    Modified Bitumen Roofing System in strict
    accordance with drawings and specifications
    provided by Consultant.

    Each tender shall be submitted electronically signed by
    the contractor / corporation, and Include all completed
    and signed forms per instructions in the Tender Package.
    The successful Tenderer shall also be required to furnish
    both a Performance Bond and a Labour & Material Bond,
    each for 50% of the Contract Price excluding the HST,
    payable to London & Middlesex Community Housing.

    Electronic Tender documents can be obtained by email
    request after 10:00 am on Friday, August 14, 2020 from
    NA Engineering Associates Inc., 90 Albert Street, London,
    Ontario; by e-mail:

    A mandatory site visit for prospective contractors has
    been scheduled for 11:00 am, Friday, August 21, 2020
    at the address of the roof replacement above. Contractors
    must register their intent to attend (and company name
    and the representative attending) by contacting before 5:00 pm,
    Thursday, August 19, 2020.

    In consideration of Covid-19 protocols, contractors are
    only to send one (1) representative, wear a face mask and
    will sign in with the Consultant. Access to the roof will be
    by elevator or stairs and physical distancing shall be
    practiced by all.

    All enquiries regarding the Tender are to be directed to
    Jim Culliton at email: or
    Mark Zettler at email:
    All enquiries shall be by email only and will be answered
    by email. Any addenda subsequently issued shall only be
    verified to attendees of the mandatory site visit. Under no
    circumstances will facsimile tenders or late submissions
    be accepted or considered.

    How to apply: