Bid Opening Results Notice: University Health Network (UHN) – RFQ Number: 1979696666 – Hillcrest Reactivation Centre – Scope B Renovation

    Published on: 30th September, 2021
    Bidding ends:
    Location: N/A
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    Bid Opening Results Notice

    University Health Network (UHN) and Plexxus conducted a virtual meeting for the respondents and interested public to officially open the bids for the below mentioned Request for Quotation (RFQ) on September 20, 2021, at 2 PM ET:

    RFQ Number: 1979696666
    Name of the Facility and Project: Hillcrest Reactivation Centre – Scope B Renovation
    Tender Type: Invitational second-stage, open only to the prequalified General Contractors of GC-3 category (RFSQ No. CW557517)
    RFQ Publication Date: July 14, 2021
    RFQ Closing Date: September 10, 2021

    The bid opening committee was comprised of UHN and Plexxus representatives. The public opening was witnessed by a Ministry of Health representative and attended by the respondents.

    Only the bids of the compliant respondents, who passed the mandatory requirements, were opened publicly using the Ontario Tenders Portal:
    Respondents                                           Total Base Bid Price (excl. HST)
    Chart Construction Management Inc.                     $9,200,900.00
    Brown Daniels Associates                                     $9,294,000.00
    Dineen Construction Corporation                          $10,258,000.00
    Compass Construction Resources Ltd.                   $10,943,584.00

    All bids received are subject to audit and review prior to any recommendation for award; no questions concerning the bids were answered during the public opening. Upon opening the Ontario Tenders Portal’s Commercial Envelope, the opening committee announced the names of respondents and their bid amounts.

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