Toronto issues more than $1.1 billion in building permits in June

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Ontario Construction News staff writer

The City of Toronto issued almost 4,200 building permits in June, with an overall value of more than $1.1 billion.

Three permits issued were greater than $80 million, with the largest being a $96 million permit for what is described as a multi-use non-residential building at 480 Yonge, issued on June 28.

Urban Toronto, however, indicates the project under construction is Halo Residences, “a 38-storey residential tower” designed by architectsAlliance. The developer is QuadReal Property Group.

Other permits reported issued with a value greater than $10 million (in descending order) include:

  • Multiple Use/Non Residential             $96,000,000.00           480 YONGE ST          New Building
  • Office  $90,000,000.00           175 ELIZABETH ST              Building Additions/Alterations
  • Apartment Building    $82,104,000.00           480 FRONT ST W      New Building
  • Apartment Building    $80,000,000.00           11-21 ALLENBURY GDNS              New Building
  • Mixed Use/Res w Non Res     $80,000,000.00           203 JARVIS ST          New Building
  • Apartment Building    $70,453,000.00           455 WELLINGTON ST W     New Building
  • Mixed Use/Res w Non Res     $55,000,000.00           677 QUEEN ST E       New Building
  • Apartment Building    $47,000,000.00           2995 KEELE ST         New Building
  • Warehouse       $25,000,000.00           715 MILNER AVE     Building Additions/Alterations
  • Transit Station,Subway, Bus Terminal            $15,000,000.00           10 LINNSMORE CRES         Building Additions/Alterations
  • Office  $15,000,000.00           18 YONGE ST            Building Additions/Alterations
  • SFD – Detached          $14,000,000.00           53 JOICEY BLVD      New Houses
  • Transit Station,Subway, Bus Terminal            $12,000,000.00           785 GLENCAIRN AVE          Building Additions/Alterations
  • Apartment Building    $10,038,000.00           135 CANON JACKSON DR             New Building
  • Apartment Building    $10,000,000.00           125 CANON JACKSON DR             New Building
  • Industrial         $10,000,000.00           170 THE WEST MALL         New Building
  • Industrial         $10,000,000.00           170 THE WEST MALL         Drain and Site Service

See the complete list of permits issued and applications for permits in June here.


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