Windsor redesigning and reimagining University and Victoria Avenues

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Ontario Construction News staff writer

The City of Windsor is inviting feedback on the preferred design concepts for the redevelopment of University and Victoria avenues until August 24.

Mayor Drew Dilkens was joined by engineering consulting Jaime Garcie from engineering firm CIMA+ last week to provide an update regarding the reimagining of University and Victoria avenues.

An environmental study was commissioned in 2018 to explore ways of reconfiguring a 3.5-kilometre stretch of University Avenue West from Huron Church Road to McDougall Street in Windsor to better integrate new features for walking, bicycling and other modes of active transportation.

“We are here today because the City of Windsor is entering into the next phase of an exciting proposal to redevelop University and Victoria avenues,” said Dilkens. “This environmental assessment plan has the potential to transform one of our city’s major east-west corridors by creating a complete street with enhanced facilities for all users.”

The project is expected to $9.5 million for University Avenue and $1.9 million for Victoria Avenue.

As a four-lane road originally designed to accommodate streetcars, University Avenue West is excessively wide and underutilized, allowing for innovative beautification efforts to be considered, the mayor said.

A complete overhaul of the east-west corridor to reallocate the land uses in the public right-of-way is proposed – redesigning the road and sidewalks – to accommodate more modern and sustainable modes of transportation, increase green space and facilitate new uses with broader community benefits.

Also, officials say a recently-approved Community Improvement Plan (CIP) offers incentives to encourage new investments in residential and commercial builds in the area.

“I can confirm that a number of promising and exciting proposals for new development on University Avenue have already come forward . . . and we expect that this is just the beginning,” Dilkens said, adding that council is “committed to keeping pace with this progress by continuing to modernize our public infrastructure.”

Council has approved $1.6 billion over 10 years for capital projects to improve roads, sewers and public transportation.

“This is our chance to think big and with a view toward the future,” Dilkens said.

For more information about the University Avenue project, or to submit a written comment, visit the project website or contact the project team.


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