CEO 2019-2010 Governing Council members named

Professional Engineers Ontario (PEO) 2019-2020 Governing Council members took office at the group’s annual general meeting on May 4.

Council members include:

President: Nancy Hill

President-elect: Marisa Sterling

Past-president: David Brown

Vice-president (elected): Christian Bellini

Vice-president (appointed): Michael Chan

Councillors-at-large: Sandra Ausma, Leila Notash and Gregory Wowchuk

Northern region councillors: Serge Robert and Ramesh Subramanian

Eastern region councillors: Randy Walker and Guy Boone

East central region councillors: Arthur Sinclair and Keivan Torabi

West central region councillors: Warren Turnbull and Lisa MacCumber

Western region councillors: Wayne Kershaw and Gary O. Houghton

Lieutenant Governor appointees: Michael Chan, Lorne Cutler, Qadira C. Jackson Kouakou, Tom Kirkby, Lew Lederman, Iretomiwa Olukiyesi, Nadine Rush and Marilyn Spink


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