Skills Ontario announces second challenge in #SkillsAtHome series, continues to encourage skilled trades and tech education at home


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Skills Ontario’s #SkillsAtHome social media challenge series launched on March 28 with a rollercoaster system challenge. The organization says it has set the second challenge in the series: the #SkillsCookieChallenge.

Applicants are instructed to decorate a cookie with a skilled trade and technology theme, and they must include a safety component in their submissions. This tests skills in creativity and safety standards, and relates to culinary arts and the service sector of the skilled trades and tech.

“We’re delighted to see submissions pouring in for our first challenge,” Skills Ontario CEO Ian Howcroft says in a statement. “The creativity, enthusiasm, and skills that participants have shown has been amazing.”

“Through this entire challenge series, we aim to provide participants with fun opportunities to learn about skilled trades and technologies while they stay safe at home.”

“A vital part of promoting skilled trades and tech is recognizing just how many career paths there are out there; our first challenge related to construction, and the       #SkillsCookieChallenge focuses on culinary arts. As we roll out more challenges through the coming weeks, we’re delighted to cover the vast variety of skilled trade and tech opportunities, allowing participants to develop different skills and explore all pathways available to them.”

As the #SkillsCookieChallenge kicks off, the #SkillsRollercoasterChallenge reaches its deadline on April 17. Winners of all challenges will be announced by Skills Ontario. The #SkillsCookieChallenge’s deadline to apply is April 27.

To participate in challenges in the #SkillsAtHome series, audiences will be asked to share their submissions on Twitter. Winners are chosen by the Skills Ontario team, and will be awarded prizes provided by Skills Ontario and its partners. All challenge details can be found in both official languages at

Along with Twitter, Skills Ontario can also be found on Instagram at @skillsontario, on LinkedIn at “Skills Ontario”, and on Facebook at “Skills Canada – Ontario.

A Skills Ontario Roller Coaster Challenge posted to Twitter by @loopie1974



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