$85 million Barrie-Angus County Road 90 project wrapping up after 8 years of construction


Ontario Construction News staff writer

The County of Simcoe’s longest ever road project ⁠— County Road 90 between Barrie and Angus ⁠— is expected to be completed by November.

On Tuesday, county council voted to declare three properties surplus along County Road 90. They were purchased to accommodate the County Road 90 widening project and now the county plans to sell the properties – at 5493, 5499 County Road 90 and 400 Mill St. – with proceeds from the sale going back into the roads contingency reserve.

With the project slated to wrap up in November, more than eight years after it began, the county can now turn its sights to other road projects.

The County Road 90 widening project stretches approximately 12 kilometres, expanding the busy route between Barrie and Angus to five lanes from two, and at a cost of $85 million, its the largest and most expensive road project the county has undertaken.

Construction began in 2011 and while the budget increased annually, the most recent report shows the project on time and on budget.

Last Tuesday, Miele said paving is underway and all five lanes are poised to be completely open by the end of October or beginning of November. Small deficiencies and minor repairs or warranty work will happen after that, but substantial completion will be done by the end of the year.

Because County Road 90 traverses a rural area, wells and septic tanks created challenges for construction crews, and so did the large number of homes close to the highway and bridgeworks.

Properties at 5493 and 5499 County Road 90 were purchased to accommodate a needed jog in road placement to the south, and now that construction is nearing completion and the required road widenings have been transferred to the county, council deemed impacted properties as surplus and they will be sold as the remaining land serves no municipal purpose.

The decision will be ratified at the Sept. 24 council meeting.


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