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Ontario Construction News is publishing Certificate of Substantial Performance (CSP) and other Statutory Notices as defined in the Ontario Construction Act.

Note: We endeavour to publish your CSP and deliver (via emailed PDF) your Certificate of Publication within two business days of submission, speeding up the publication process to facilitate your holdback release. 

To Submit a Certificate for publication, visit our Certificates and Notices Page for the appropriate form. All certificate notices, regardless of length, are between $130 and $200 less than you have been paying previously (and your savings can be even greater for exceptionally lengthly notices because of our low flat rate.)

Statutory Certificate forms under the Ontario Construction Act.

Guide to Placing Certificate Advertisements in Ontario Construction News

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Posted Certificates

Location Published Owner Contractor Download
City of Toronto
Shawnee Park, 18 Shawnee Circle, North York
19/12/06 City of Toronto Mopal Construction Ltd. -
City of Mississauga
Construction Services for Erindale Park Improvements City Ref: PRC000372-3
19/12/06 City of Mississauga, Community Services Department Mopal Construction Ltd. -
City of Hamilton
Burke Street & Dundas Street, Hamilton, ON
19/12/06 Waterdown Bay Ltd. Van Rooyen Earthmoving Ltd. -
Town of Fort Erie
North of Thunder Bay Road and West Prospect Point Road
19/12/06 Westwind Niagara Developments Inc. Regional Trenching Inc. -
Scarborough, Toronto
125 & 135 Village Green Square, Scarborough
19/12/06 T.S.C.C. Nos. 2151 & 2166 SMID Construction Limited -