Belleville buys land for future environmental park spaces

Ontario Construction News staff writer

Belleville City Council has approved the purchase of the lands at 621 Dundas St. E. for protected environmental park spaces.

letter from Quinte Conservation and an accompanying site plan with renderings showed potential ideas for the site and a deputation by the Quinte Field Naturalists supported the project.

“It is our understanding that a portion of the property will be developed for residential use,” wrote. “The specific details of the property development would require some further information but in general our office recognizes that there is developable lands on the property.

“Quinte Conservation staff are also aware that the City of Belleville is interested in acquiring a portion of the property to be protected as green space. Staff support this direction from the city because the proposed green space area includes portions of Belleville Marsh, a provincially significant wetland (part of the Great Lakes coastal wetland network) as well as other areas of wetland and floodplain that provide important habitat and natural features. “

An illustration included with the letter showed the development area that was agreed upon in 2012 and indicated that portions of the property are no longer being considered as part of the development area, specifically, the central pond.

Under a revised development area, the central pond would be considered part of the green space because it “was excavated, disturbed, and not within the floodplain hazard because of historical activities.”

Recently staff discussed the option to utilize portions of the central pond as part of the stormwater management for the property.

“We understand the potential for some low impact development activities within the green space such as recreational trails, docking, boating, etc. that will allow the public an opportunity to utilize the Bay of Quinte.“

Mayor Mitch Panciuk thanked the former property owner for supporting the development plan and called the agreement “a historic day” with Belleville taking the first step in restoring green space back into a protected, ecological site and usable space for residents.

“We look forward to what the future holds for this property. Building out the recreational opportunities will span decades and residents will have a role to play throughout the process.”


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