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Constructionlab has created a two-day Basics of ICI and Civil Construction in Canada course to deliver on-line interactive and live or in-class through trade specific, professional societies or mixed trade construction associations.

The first class will be held in person as a return to the classroom initiative July 21 and 22 at an Ontario mixed trade construction association. It will cover all of the basic information needed for anyone new to the ICI and Civil construction industry in Canada, those working in field operations, design professionals administering projects, or anyone transitioning from another sector to assume a leadership role in a construction related organization.

This course will promote the use of CCDC guides and contracts, along with case studies of technology use and project delivery methods in the delivery of construction projects

“We were approached to develop a solution that was project specific for July 2020, but offers an opportunity to other organizations that have not had easy access to say, CCA’s Construction 101 course” said Derek Smith, president and senior facilitator with Constructionlab.

“At Constructionlab, we have perfected on-line live and interactive delivery of 15 hours of content in a way that is comfortable for learner and facilitator, and we have delivered CCA’s Construction 101 since 2010 to over 2500 attendees, so it was a natural fit to make this happen”.

The course will be four modules of 3.5 hours each and include a student resource handbook.

Construction lab will not be taking care of the registration process, that will be left up to the sponsoring organization who has the need to offer the course and can provide 8 to 16 learners locally, combined regionally or even nationally in a scheduled session.

“We do not prescribe to the recorded webinar model when it comes to this type of course, so a live on-line or if possible an in-class delivery model allowing for interaction is a key component of this course, Smith said.

The course will be available nationwide in mid-August and will offer evening and afternoon sessions, allowing for multiple time-zone access.


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