Guelph approves Clair-Maltby Secondary Plan OPA with net-zero by 2050 goal

Ontario Construction News staff writer

After six years of research and planning and technical studies, Guelph council has approved the Clair-Maltby Secondary Plan that encourages development that contributes to the goal of being a net-zero carbon community by 2050.

It encompasses Guelph’s last unplanned greenspace area.

“We presented our recommendations with full confidence because research, analysis and community input helped us develop the best plan for this area,” said Krista Walkey, general manager, Planning and Building Services.

The amendment replaces existing land use policies and designations that currently apply to the Clair-Maltby lands with a new secondary plan that establishes the land use policy framework, and water, wastewater and stormwater infrastructure plans that must be in place before development of these lands can begin.

Staff conducted a water and wastewater servicing study, stormwater management study, energy and other utilities study and a comprehensive environmental impact study to meet legislative requirements. In addition, long-term water monitoring requirements are in place, including monitoring for water levels and quality in existing and additional monitoring wells, as well as salt management best practices for winter months.

The plan:

  • protects the natural heritage system, natural features, and the Paris-Galt Moraine
  • proposes a transportation network that supports all modes of travel with roads, bicycle infrastructure, recreational trails and pedestrian walkways that provide strong connections throughout the Clair-Maltby area and to the rest of Guelph
  • includes a system of parks, open spaces and trails to provide recreation opportunities
  • is primarily residential with a range of housing types, mixed-use areas, and locations for schools and parks

The next step, now that the plan has been approved, is to incorporate the capital impacts to the development charge study that will launch later this year.

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