Lebo Farms to build 30-acre greenhouse by the end of the year


Ontario Construction News staff writer

Lebo Farms, a new greenhouse grower in Leamington, has started construction on the first 30 acres of a 50-acre project.

Ridder Group, a Dutch company and its local Canadian partners Anchor Hydro, Zwart Systems and Acrobat recently started work on the greenhouse project. The first 30 acres, designed and being built by South Essex Fabricating, are set to be completed by the end of 2020, according to a news release.

Lebo Farms was founded by Leamington’s Neufeld family, owners of a 34-acre cucumber greenhouse called Vine-Fresh Acres, which supplies English cucumbers to Nature Fresh Farms. They also own a 34-acre cucumber greenhouse facility of Vine Fresh Acres. The Neufeld family now intend to expand their offerings with additional commodities under the Lebo Farms brand.

Anchor Hydro is installing the water and electrical systems, according to the release.

After completing the Vine Fresh Project, the Neufelds once again chose Ridder as its main supplier for all intelligent technical components in the new project – climate control, irrigation, labor registration, climate screen and drive systems are to be supplied by Ridder as one total integrated solution.

Jamey Barnewall, Canadian Sales Manager at Ridder, says he is delighted to work with a selection of dedicated partners on the Lebo Farms project.

“I’m excited for the opportunity to work with Anchor Hydro, Zwart Systems and Acrobat,” he said in the release. “As a group, we combine the essential resources in the right places, at the critical times.”

Anchor Hydro will act as the main contractor and will be responsible for the successful installation of all water and electrical systems. The Amherstburg, Ontario-based electrical contractor will supply all climate control, irrigation and labour management systems at Lebo Farms.

Greenhouse builder South Essex Fabricating recently broke ground on the first 30 out of 50 acres.

“This project is a great example of how we can supply all key components for a turn-key greenhouse project” said Barnewall.

“The perfect synergy between all our essential solutions and the commitment of all partners involved will provide Lebo Farms with the best-fit growing solution for their project.”


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