Mississauga launches $89 million construction season


Ontario Construction News staff writer

The City of Mississauga’s 2022 construction season is underway with $89 million allocated to repair, maintain and expand transportation and stormwater infrastructure.

A list of construction projects planned for 2022 is available online.

“These investments to expand, repair and improve transportation infrastructure vital to ensuring people and goods can move efficiently and safely through and around Mississauga,” said Mayor Bonnie Crombie.

Construction projects within the roads and stormwater capital programs include road resurfacing, sidewalk and multi-use trail construction, bridge repairs, creek erosion control work and dredging and maintenance of stormwater management ponds

“We had a very busy and successful construction season in 2021, and this year will be no different. We plan to resurface 61 roads, rehabilitate five bridges and construct 8.1 km of new sidewalks and 3.7 km of new multi-use trails and cycle tracks,” said Geoff Wright, commissioner of transportation and works.

“One of our major projects will be taking place on Matheson Boulevard, which will include just over three kilometres of road resurfacing, the installation of raised cycle tracks on both sides of the road, new street lights and the replacement of pedestrian signals and pavement markings.”

construction map details where projects are happening each day.

“In Mississauga, construction season also includes projects that repair erosion damage along our watercourses. As such, we’ll be carrying out erosion control projects along five creeks across the city,” Wright said.

The construction map also provides information about Parks projects and projects from the Region of Peel, Ministry of Transportation and Alectra.

After a successful pilot project in 2021, the city will continue to effectively control pests through its  Construction Pest Control Program with all worksites being inspected on a project-by-project basis to ensure the necessary pest control measures are implemented. The city’s program aligns with the  Region of Peel’s Rat Control Subsidy Pilot Program, which helps residents with managing rat issues around the outside of their homes. The Region’s pilot program has been extended until Nov. 30, 2022.

Ongoing spring maintenance and clean-up also continues this season on more than 5,600 kilometres of roads, including repairing potholes and roadway damage, sidewalk inspection and repair, sod damage repair caused by snow clearing and litter clean-up.


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