New sewer lining program will extend life of infrastructure in Kingston – with no digging required 

Ontario Construction News staff writer

Utilities Kingston is introducing a new annual sewer lining program to rehabilitate aging pipes and improve operating efficiency – using a process that avoids digging up pipes and disrupting neighbourhoods.

Starting in July, up to 5,000 metres of sanitary sewer main will be lined in Kingscourt.

“At Utilities Kingston, we focus on providing Kingston with safe and reliable utility services. We are committed to environmentally-sound wastewater collection. You can count on us!” says Jim Keech, President and CEO of Utilities Kingston.

Aside from renewing the infrastructure, this work reduces otherwise clean storm water from infiltrating the sanitary sewer system, increasing pipe capacity and reducing the risk of localized basement flooding. The work will also increase operating efficiency, as reduced sewer flows mean less pumping and treating wastewater.

Instead of digging up the road along the entire length of the sewer main, Utilities Kingston’s contractors, Empipe Solutions Limited and Insituform Technologies Limited, will access the pipe through maintenance holes to complete the work. 

This involves preparing the inside of the sewer mains and then inserting a felt liner that is saturated with a resin. This resin compound is then cured-in-place to form what is, essentially, a ‘new pipe within a pipe’.

The lining work will typically be completed within a 6 -hour period. Residents in the affected area will be notified approximately 1-2 weeks prior, and again 24-48 hours prior to the lining process.

When the liner is initially inserted, it will temporarily block the sewer laterals that carry wastewater from homes and businesses to the sewer main under the street. The city’s contractor will cut these out to open the service, but residents will need to take temporary measures to reduce the wastewater coming from the property.


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