Nexii/Symphony-ABT plans $30 million green construction technology plant in GTA

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Ontario Construction News staff writer

Nexii Building Solutions, which describes itself as a Canadian green construction technology company, says it is co-ordinating a trio new manufacturing plants across North America. The company said in a statement last Thursday that it “is rapidly accelerating the roll-out of its new green construction technologies in order to meet escalating customer demand.”

“Nexii is moving ahead with a Nexii Certified Manufacturing agreement with Symphony Advanced Building Technologies Inc. (Symphony-ABT) for a manufacturing plant in the Greater Toronto area,” the statement said. “Symphony-ABT will invest up to $30 million in financing for the development of a production facility that will manufacture green building and retrofit products using Nexii¹s breakthrough process and proprietary material, Nexiite.”

The company says the plant will create more than 175 full-time “highly skilled jobs”.  The plant’s development will begin in the fourth quarter of this year and should be operational by the second quarter of 2021. “Once fully operational, the Toronto plant will be able to produce over 8 million square feet of building panels every year,” the statement says.

The new plant will join another plant in Alberta and one in Pennsylvania. Currently, Nexii has one fully operational plant in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, with its second production facility in Squamish, B.C., under construction.

The three additional plants represent approximately $75 million in investment for the production of Nexii’s green construction technologies, signaling the beginning of the wider green economic recovery across North America. Once operational, the three full-scale commercial production facilities will create up to 450 full-time highly skilled jobs to advance cleantech building and construction innovations., the company says.

“We are excited and humbled by customer interest in Nexii’s green construction products to date, which is accelerating the roll-out of our plants across Canada and the USA,” Nexii CEO Stephen Sidwell said in a statement.

“For North America to rebuild sustainably and achieve a green economic recovery, every industry needs to innovate and invest in new technologies. Buildings and construction together is the top contributor to global climate pollution, and Nexii has the potential to curb the environmental impacts created by our buildings. Our goal is to aggressively scale Nexii, so that we can live up to our company mission to build a vibrant future for people and the planet.”

Nexii says is a green construction technology company that is committed to tackling the global environmental crisis by accelerating the supply of more sustainable and durable buildings. “Nexii employs a holistic approach to green construction, using breakthrough materials and precision manufacturing technology to rapidly assemble high-quality and sustainable buildings,” the statement says.

Nexii says it is entering into licensed manufacturing agreements with local businesses in order to grow the company quickly and manufacture building products at scale. These Nexii Certified Manufacturer agreements will see local companies deploy Nexii’s breakthrough approach to design, manufacturing and construction, as well as its proprietary material, Nexiite, on behalf of the company.

Nexii is tight-lipped about what’s in its Nexiite material or how it’s made. The company says the stuff is 99.9% free of toxic materials on a red list from the International Living Future Institute.

BC Business describes it as a “granite-like composite in a feature about CEO Sidwell.

“Nexiite can be used as a sustainable alternative to concrete for certain building applications,” the company says. “It has comparable properties to concrete but it is not manufactured from lime or Portland cement, resulting in reduced end-to-end carbon emissions.”

Sidwell told The Squamish Chief that Nexiite is made of sand, water and other undisclosed substances, likening the recipe to “the Coca-Cola syrup secret.”


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