OLT approves London’s official plan, six years after appeal launched

Ontario Construction News staff writer

The Ontario Land Tribunal (OLT) has approved all remaining policies of The London Plan, making the document the only official plan for the City of London and repealing the 1989 Official Plan. Several site-specific appeals remain.

The London Plan was adopted by city council and approved by the province in 2016 and was appealed to the OLT.

This approval sets the policy framework that directs all future planning decisions, including the review of planning applications.  Planning applications that are already in progress will continue uninterrupted.

It emphasizes growing inward and upward, to reduce the costs of growth, create walkable communities, revitalize urban neighbourhoods and business areas, protect farmlands, and reduce greenhouse gases and energy consumption.

“Development of our new official plan began back in 2011,” said Gregg Barrett, director of planning and development. “Londoners were asked what kind of city they wanted to see by the year 2035. The plan that emerged brings a new vision, values, key directions, and policies that will shape the growth of London for years to come.”

Eight key directions are defined:

  1. Plan strategically for a prosperous city
  2. Connect London to the surrounding region
  3. Celebrate and support London as a culturally rich, creative, and diverse city
  4. Become one of the greenest cities in Canada
  5. Build a mixed-use compact city
  6. Place a new emphasis on creating attractive mobility choices
  7. Build strong, healthy and attractive neighbourhoods for everyone
  8. Make wise planning decisions

A staff report on the OLT decision will be presented to the planning and environment committee on June 20.



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