Ottawa to plans to build more than 8,000 new affordable houses by 2030


Ontario Construction Report staff writer

The City of Ottawa and its partners plan to create up to 8,500 new affordable-housing units by 2030. The city’s Community and Protective Services Committee has approved an updated 10-year plan to address housing and homelessness with these targets.

The updated plan outlines how the city would address the housing crisis, in partnership with other levels of government and community partners. Achieving those targets would require an additional $415 million in federal funding and $395 million in provincial funding over 10 years.

The city’s Finance and Economic Development Committee will consider a long-range financial plan to identify the municipal, provincial and federal funding needed to achieve the targets in the plan and maintain current services. The plan will also outline the financial implications of COVID-19 on Housing Services.

The city’s Planning Committee will consider a capital plan for affordable housing at its meeting on Thursday. City Council will then consider the housing and homelessness plan and the capital plan for affordable housing together on July 15.


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