Three Ontario builders collect national 2020 ENERGY STAR Awards for New Homes in small, medium and large builder categories

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Three Ontario home builders have been recognized with national 2020 ENERGY STAR Awards for New Homes, in the small, medium and large categories.

The builders are among 17 organizations for winning the awards for advancing energy efficiency, Natural Resources Canada says in a statement.

“The awards recognize organizations that have demonstrated excellence in offering Canadian consumers the most energy-efficient products and technology available on the market,” the statement says. “They are presented to manufacturers, retailers, utility providers, advocates, and new homebuilders that have shown leadership in manufacturing and promoting energy-efficient products.”

Terra View Homes, based in Guelph, won the Builder of the Year-small size award, while Doug Tarry Homes in St. Thomas received the mid-size and Activa, based in the Waterloo region, the large size builder award.

“This award demonstrates not only our commitment as a builder to the ENERGY STAR New Homes program, but also to helping our homeowners use less energy, diminish their carbon footprints and contribute directly to the fight against climate change.” said David Brix, president of Terra View Homes. “It is an absolute honour to be recognized for our commitment to environmentally conscious and energy efficient building across the country.”

The awards citation says the builder, receiving the award for the first time,

  • Built 33 ENERGY STAR houses that are beyond the program’s standards. This is more than 15 times more than in 2018.
  • Trained more than 70 people, in addition to their staff, about building “green”.
  • Featured the ENERGY STAR logo and information on promotional materials, and their website.
  • Featured green living information via promotional materials, a blog and social media.

Meanwhile, Doug Tarry Homes won the mid-size builder award for the second year in a row.

The awards citation says the southwest Ontario builder:

  • Built over 12 per cent more homes than in 2018.
  • As of January 1. 2019, Doug Tarry Homes announced that every home would be built to Net Zero Ready specification.
  • Used the Try Recycling Canvas Bin Systemto recycle waste materials from the construction site and divert it from local landfills.
  • ENERGY STAR requires less than 2.5 air changes per hour (ACH); Doug Tarry Homes averages 0.76 ACH.

Activa Homes, the third Ontario builder to be recognized, also received its third Energy Star Award.

The company “has been a leading land developer and home builder in the Waterloo Region, committed to creating spaces where families and individuals can thrive,” the awards statement says.

“The organization’s corporate philosophy includes looking to the future to ensure that it is building homes that enrich the lives of their homeowners. Every Activa qualifying home includes their popular ENERGY STAR building package to create a high-performing, highly-airtight home that’s better for the environment and more comfortable for its homeowners. Activa’s commitment to ENERGY STAR includes not only better building practices, but also ongoing training for their staff and trades, as well as promoting educational content to its audiences and homeowners.”

Noteworthy Activa activities and accomplishments in 2019:

  • Built more than 15 per cent more ENERGY STAR houses than in 2018.
  • Trained over 25 tradespeople, in addition to their staff, about their ENERGY STAR building package.
  • Featured the ENERGY STAR logo and information on promotional materials, video, model homes, sales office and more.

Other ENERGY STAR awards went to:


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