Building inspections put on hold in Guelph

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The shutdown of non-essential city services in Guelph last week due to COVID-19 will affect millions of dollars worth of building projects currently stalled because building inspections aren’t happening.

A notice from the city says inspections will not be completed “in the foreseeable future.”

Currently, construction on many projects including large condo developments, new homes, renovations at the police headquarters and residential projects across the city could be stalled once they reach a phase when an inspection is required.

“It could the general public who needs an inspection in their home or for a deck or anything,” Guthrie, is quoted as saying in Guelph Today. “Whatever they are, they are all important, but we have to make sure the importance of those projects does not trump the importance of the health and safety of our staff.”

The city’s emergency management team is discussing options that would not impact health and safety for employees and even to property owners if inspections are renewed during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Decisions will be based on advice from Wellington Dufferin Guelph Public Health.

The mayor calls it “a balancing act” to consider public health and protect the economy.

Applicants will be advised if there is any further changes to building inspection services, said Hare.


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