Toronto City Manager’s report, Towards Recovery and Building a Renewed Toronto, to go to Executive Committee October 21

covid cover city manager's report
Cover of one of the attachments to the Toronto City Manager's report

A report from Toronto City Manager Chris Murray will go before the city’s executive committee next week, outlining recommendations to position Toronto for recovery from COVID-19 and its health, economic, equity, social and financial impacts.

Murray emphasizes that continued collaboration with other levels of government is needed for a positive impact on shared recovery goals. That includes addressing the social determinants of health, and exploring partnerships with community agencies, academia and the private sector, is also key.

The city manager’s report

“While COVID-19 exacerbated many existing challenges and inequities, it also created conditions for accelerating good ideas,” Murray said in a statement.

“The recommendations in my report provide a roadmap for recovery and rebuilding in Toronto. We continue to learn more about this evolving disease and will adapt in order to save both lives and livelihoods, and, with our many partners, ensure Toronto is best positioned to overcome this pandemic and come back stronger than ever.”

He says his report “offers a path forward towards Toronto’s recovery that includes what the city has learned since the start of the pandemic.”

The Toronto Office of Recovery & Rebuild (TORR) has produced the COVID-19: Impacts and Opportunities report that recommends the city manager supports “the recovery and rebuild of Toronto communities, organizations, partners and businesses.”

TORR was established in April to coordinate a city-wide approach for recovering and rebuilding from COVID-19, informed by public health advice and best practices. Throughout the spring and summer, the committee undertook a broad engagement of stakeholders, residents, communities, businesses, Indigenous communities and city council.

COVID-19: Impacts and Opportunities report from TORR is divided into themes including:

  • public health considerations and actions
  • critical city services
  • climate change and resilience
  • equity, vulnerable communities and partnerships
  • government and financial renewal
  • business
  • culture

Along with data from Toronto Public Health, it shows disproportionate impacts COVID-19 has had on racialized and other equity-seeking communities and the deepening concerns arising from inequalities across residents, neighbourhoods and communities.

Murray’s report outlines how Toronto will continue to take action towards recovery and building a renewed city in the face of unprecedented financial pressures by making difficult decisions about costs, services, service levels, and capital projects.

The report from the City Manager to the City’s Executive Committee is available online.

“Toronto’s recovery plans are a made-in-Toronto solution that reflect our city’s distinct characteristics and circumstances,” Mayor John Tory said in a statement. “As we work to rebuild the city, it’s important that we remain responsive and adaptable to further spread, decline or surges of COVID-19 and adjust our actions accordingly.”


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