Stormwater regulations and low-impact development: Invitation to a free webinar


Ontario Construction News staff writer

Contractors and developers have been invited to a free webinar about low-impact development – and to learn and new and upcoming regulations about stormwater.

The online event on Thursday between 1 and 2 p.m. is sponsored by the Enbridge Gas Savings by Design program and Sustainable Buildings Canada.  It is part of a series about the advantages of “building above code.”

At Thursday’s free webinar stormwater management consultant Jenny Hill, an Adjunct Professor and an Assistant Dean at the University of Toronto will answer these questions.

  • What’s the difference between greywater, stormwater and rainwater? How should the use of these non-potable water sources be prioritized?\
  • What are the current policy trends affecting stormwater management in Ontario?
  • How can low-density housing, industrial and commercial campuses, and subdivision best address new and upcoming stormwater regulations?
  • When’s the best time in the development process to integrate low-impact development practices?

Hill was the primary author of the 2018 updated Planning and Design for Low Impact Development Stormwater Management Design Guide by the Sustainable Technologies Evaluation Program.
Registration is free, and if you cannot attend at the webinar’s time, you’ll receive access to the recorded webcast to watch at your convenience.

You can register at this link.


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