City of Ottawa’s infrastructure chief to hand over responsibilities to two officials


Ontario Construction News staff writer

Alain Gonthier, Ottawa’s senior official responsible for infrastructure projects is preparing to move to a new acting general manager job with the city, and he has advised construction industry leaders of the two staffers who will fill his role during his move.

He says in a memo that, beginning Feb. 3, “I will be taking on a new role as AGM for Public Works, Environmental Services Department (PWESD), under the leadership of Kevin Wylie, general manager, PWESD.”

Two officials will take on most of his infrastructure responsibilities as acting director. Carina Duclos will serve from February to June 2020, inclusively, and Shelley McDonald will have the responsibilities from July to October.

“Carina is a natural and skilled leader,” Gonthier writes  “Her positive energy is contagious and her ability to get the job done right is inspiring. Since joining the City of Ottawa in 2005, Carina has earned respect and admiration from colleagues, supervisors, senior managers and elected officials. She demonstrates her passion in her everyday work and is looking forward to a new challenge with the acting director role.”

“Shelley is an invaluable member of the team with an honest and brilliant mind. She is reflective and a strategic thinker, always aiming to make and inspire positive change. Shelley joined the City of Ottawa in 2005 and is held in high regard by all. She is well known for patience and dedication to the ‘one city, one team’ approach, and is looking forward to the acting director role as part of her commitment to continuous learning.”

Gonthier says he will continue to oversee two major projects –= the $168 million new central library with shared with Library and Archives Canada and the $232 million Combined Sewage Storage Tunnel (CSST).

“As part of this program, Marilyn Journeaux, director of solid waste services with Public Works and Environmental Services, will assume the role of AGM for Planning, Infrastructure and Economic Development under Stephen Willis’ mentorship,” Gonthier wrote


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