FCA hands out $3.9 for municipal asset management

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Ontario Construction News staff writer

The Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) has announced more than $3.9 million to 88 municipalities for projects through the Municipal Asset Management Program (MAMP).

Included in the funding, St. Catharines will receive $50,000 to support climate change adaptation efforts.

“The city’s Asset Management Plan guides our decision-making regarding the building, operating, maintaining, and disposing of infrastructure assets,” said director of financial management services Kristine Douglas.

“The plan provides us with key information for our capital and operating budgets. It is vital for our long-term financial planning and sustainability, to ensure reliable and affordable services for residents.”

Developing an asset management plan will help the city manage municipal infrastructure assets and make better, data-driven long-term investment decisions. Climate change represents a risk to the effectiveness and lifespan of infrastructure, so it is important to have an informed understanding of the impacts of future climate events as part of the asset management plan.

“The enhanced municipal asset management plan will strengthen the City’s ability to address and adapt to the effects of climate change. The city also plans to share the knowledge gained through the project with other local municipalities and Brock University to help build innovative local climate solutions in Niagara,” said director of engineering, facilities and environmental services Anthony Martuccio.

The Township of North Kawartha will draft an asset management plan, asset management policy and procedure framework, license, set up and training on asset management and capital planning software to better manage asset management inventory and prepare capital plans.

“Across the country, communities of all sizes are gearing up for life post-pandemic,” said Joanne Vanderheyden, president, FCA.

“They’re working to enhance their infrastructure and natural assets so they can continue to have sustainable and reliable services to improve residents’ quality of life. Ensuring local governments have the right tools to make sound asset management decisions is one way we can help drive Canada’s economic recovery.”


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