London prepares for sale of old Victoria Hospital lands – an important step for future redevelopment


Ontario Construction News staff writer

Following Council approval to dispose of surplus lands associated with the Old Victoria Hospital, the City of London is beginning disposition of land through a tender sale process.

The land disposition is an important step in the future redevelopment of this prominent site in London and comes at the conclusion of the sale of the first phase, where construction could start later this year.

Located along the Thames Valley Corridor, between Waterloo Street and Colborne Street, the site was previously home to London Health Sciences Centre hospital facilities before the last patients were relocated to new hospital facilities in 2013.

As part of the first phase, the property associated with the Colborne Building was individually designated under Part IV of the Ontario Heritage Act. The properties associated with the Health Services Building (Building 50) and the 1922 portion of the War Memorial Children’s Hospital (Building 52) are currently listed on the Register of Cultural Heritage Resources. It’s expected these properties will be individually designated through the second phase of redevelopment of the Old Victoria Hospital lands.

The second phase of the Old Victoria Hospital lands redevelopment process includes the disposition of 124 Colborne Street (0.80 acres), as well as the lands bounded by Waterloo Street, South Street, Colborne Street and Hill Street (5.45 acres), which includes the Health Services Building (Building 50) and the War Memorial Children’s Hospital (Building 52), excluding lands reserved for the future construction of a public square.

In preparation of the tender sale, the city has initiated a Zoning By-law amendment and an Official Plan amendment consistent with the vision of the Old Victoria Hospital Lands Secondary Plan.

Details of the tender sale and opportunities are currently available on the city’s bids&tenders online procurement service.

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