New residential subdivision with 2,100 homes planned for Barrie’s south border

H&H Barrie

Ontario Construction News staff writer

Hundreds of homes will be built on Barrie’s south border. The residential project at McKay Road West and Veterans Drive will include more than 2,100 homes, an elementary school and mixed-use block.

Michelle Banfield, the city’s director of planning and building, says the planning department has issued conditions of draft-plan approval for H&H Capital Group – a step that will lead to the first phase of development at 124, 180 and 228 McKay Rd. W.

“This will allow for the construction of 327 single-detached residential units, 359 townhouse units, one elementary school, one neighbourhood park, and one mixed-use block that includes 100 high-density residential units which will be home to approximately 2,152 future Barrie residents,” Banfield wrote in a memo to council.

It’s an 86-acre site at the northwest corner of the intersection of McKay Road West and Veterans Drive, was formerly part of Innisfil before it was turned over to Barrie by the province in 2010. The land is currently zoned agricultural land and there is an abandoned building that served as the Barrie Equine Clinic.

Through the technical review process, Banfield says “several items of importance” were identified as conditions of draft-plan approval, including provisions for affordable housing through the city’s requirement for second-suite packages to be offered in some of the units, as well as traffic-calming measures that meet the city’s approval.

The applicant is “working toward satisfying the draft-plan conditions,” Banfield said, in order to allow for registration of the subdivision and building permits to be issued.

Subdivison servicing is expected to begin in 2020  and construction should begin in 2021, Banfield said.


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