Ontario construction industry associations launch COVID-19 vaccination survey

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Ontario Construction News staff writer

Several industry associations including the Residential Construction Council of Ontario have launched an online COVID-19 vaccination survey to identify workplaces with vaccination policies in place and collect data on what percentage of workers are fully vaccinated.

The survey will close Sept. 30.

Ontario releases new details on vaccine certificate program to start Sept. 22

RESCON, the Ontario Sewer and Watermain Construction Association, Ontario Residential Council of Construction Associations, Heavy Construction Association of Toronto, Ontario General Contractors Association, Ontario Home Builders’ Association, Ontario Road Builders’ Association, and Toronto and Area Road Builders Association launched survey as part of their COVID response plan, the organizations explain on the survey site.

“We need good information to make good decisions.”

The 10-question survey

The survey is anonymous and will collect aggregate data “to understand vaccination rates within the construction industry better.”

Once compiled, the information is expected to help all associations, members and the broader construction industry improve workplace policies and keep workers safe.

RESCON fully supports Ontario’s enhanced vaccine certificate program as it will boost the vaccination rate of all Ontario, including the construction industry.

Currently, about 76 per cent of all eligible Ontarians are fully vaccinated.

As of Sept. 22, Ontarians must show proof of identification of immunization against the pandemic virus to be granted entry to indoor restaurants, meeting spaces and conferences,
among others. For now, the rollout of the new policy involves using the vaccine receipts issued by the government.

“During the fourth wave of the pandemic, health and safety continues to be of paramount importance,” said Andrew Pariser, vice-president of RESCON and chair of the association’s health and safety committee. “When COVID-19 emerged in Ontario 18 months ago, we worked quickly to understand the disease and mitigate the spread within our workforce. Keeping workers safe is always our No. 1 priority – getting Ontarians vaccinated is the only way to end the pandemic.”

RESCON president Richard Lyall added that vaccine certificates support Ontario’s economic recovery “which residential construction will continue to lead.”

“We expect that vaccination passports will increase vaccination rates across both non-essential and essential industries, in turn keeping workers safe and the economy open.”


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